“And you were dead in the trespasses and sins” (Ephesians 2:1 ESV)

I think men are masters of telling vivid stories to children. They tell stories of adventure, danger, and amazing things seen and experienced. Often, they embellish just a bit to make the story more vivid and suck the kids in.

Yet, for some strange reason, it is often difficult for men to tell the tale of their soul’s rescue. Make no mistake… “my soul is saved” and “all is good between me and God”. But the story of the rescue is hidden. When the young ones ask about it, your story is deflected or skimmed over. It is as if there is embarrassment there… a shame to be avoided.

But, my friends, your story of rescue is powerful, because it was an amazingly dramatic rescue by a beautiful Rescuer. It was a rescue where you were the recipient of astounding grace poured-out… upon youYou were the one whose frigid soul never went looking for God. You were beyond recovery, spiritually dead, and adrift in the darkness of rebellion, ignorance and godlessness.

And THERE God came to you!  What an astounding Rescuer! What a kind and gloriously single-handed rescue! Isn’t it amazing to tell?

My friend, please consider the following:
  1. The younger ones don’t need to think more casually about the peril of their natural condition… or yours.
  2. Christ came to help those who were sick and blind… don’t pass it off as if you weren’t critically ill, or you were at least “partially right”.
  3. The reasons we don’t tell our listeners “how cold it was” rarely have anything to do with the glory of Jesus… they are usually about you and your dignity.
  4. “How cold it was” is about the treacherous condition of your heart more than the actions that flowed from it.
  5. Let Christ revel in the glory of His pursuit, redemption, transformation and love for you… and the young listeners at your feet.

Brothers… Tell them how utterly cold it was, so they can be awed by Jesus.

The story of life is found in the story of our death. And from there humility flows.