What does it look like to pray along the Lord’s Prayer?  It means to pray in the relationship, fashion and topics Christ gave us.  The following would be some suggestions to help you pray “like this” in your daily prayer life. From Matthew 6:9-13.  Our 3 sermons on this can be heard here (pt 1, pt 2, pt 3)

Our Father

Notions: His love, acceptance, security, ownership and direction for us, togetherness, spiritual family, love for each other

Prayer Example: I am not alone, I stand with His other beloved, I am part of a whole, I come on behalf of the family… which I love also. Though we are so unworthy to speak to you like this and with such boldness, you told your Son to tell us to think and speak to you like this.  Intimately, together and very boldly ask you these things. So we expect you will answer and will watch for it.


Hallowed be Your Name

Notions: Holiness of God, His reputation, most satisfying, just, righteous, incomparable, lovely, our Treasure, Hope of the World, Spiritual sight, His Glory

Prayer Example: You are incomparable, superior to all, satisfying above all things, above all correction, doubt or suspicion, beautiful, worthy of all praise.  Please, first, impress this upon our hearts as your children.  Be our genuine “best” and delight. Let the rest of the universe finally “get” who you are and amaze us all.


Your kingdom come, Your will be done

Notions: Come quickly! He is King, His will is best, mission, we as missionaries, salvation of others, reign in us.

Prayer Example: Your rule and will is our joy, even though we often feel it so little.  We need you to come and rule fully.  Your will is the best and our world needs it.  Come permanently to us. And until then, please expand your kingdom in the hearts of people now.  And use us in this.  We are here for the purpose of the growth of your kingdom.  Use us.  Lead us.


Give us this day our daily bread

Notions: We need Christ.  We need His Word and presence, spiritual famishment without Him, physical provisions for the day.

Prayer Example: We do not have, at this moment, what we need.  We all need you to stand before us in Christ.  Bring understanding, belief and the presence of Christ to each of us in this church today.  We cant thrive or function without the Bread of Heaven.  Delight our souls in Him, from the youngest to the oldest.  You are generous; please present yourself to each of us today.


Forgive us our debts as we have forgiven our debtors

Notions: We will sin, need grace, need to forgive others, hope in the work of Christ, confession of sin, relational forgiveness from the Father to His children.

Prayer Example: Our sins are terrible, embarrassing and offensive to you.  The forgiveness of our sins cost you terribly.  Let us hate them.  We approach you not as aliens but as sons and daughters, assured of your love but having sinned against You.  The sins of all of us need forgiveness.  Let us confess our sins today to you and each other.  This means we must be completely forgiving ourselves, so please let us be relentlessly forgiving and extend forgiveness on every occasion.


Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil

Notions: Lead us Spirit, guide us, protect us internally and externally, grant faith and obedience.

Prayer Example: Protect us and lead us in paths of gospel thinking, love for each other and joyful obedience and mission.  Keep us from walking into the temptations we are headed-for and engaging in them.  We as a family will be assaulted by evil and temptations a thousand times, each being treacherously dangerous.  Let us hate this and pray against it on behalf of all of us.  Evil cannot contend with your power. Please protect us and lead us into joy.