In our last post, we pointed out the tragic reality of our day-to-day disconnect from spiritual reality.

The issue is, that while Christ himself claims to be all-satisfying and calls us to feast upon, drink from, and delight ourselves in Him, we often show up to the feast with our bellies so full of the “white bread”—the stuff of earth to which we turn moment to moment—we’re just not hungry when we come to the true Table.

We also introduced the fact that, while it’s almost silly and irreverent to boil this spiritual reality down to a how-to list (after all, this isn’t an oil change we’re talking about), there are some steps we can and should prayerfully take to grow in our delight and appreciation of our Savior.

1.Be Christ’s

  • Make sure you actually know the Lord
  • Clarify with Him why you are accepted
  • This is “preaching the Gospel to yourself”

2. Scour your heart for your treasures

Use the following questions to cross-examine your heart and to find  your treasures.

  • In what ways has God already become your treasure?
  • What do you think your greatest “filler treasures” are?
  • What are the ways you are acting out treasuring? What do you do too much of?
  • What do you tend to daydream/ mentally fixate upon?
  • What do you tend to get stressed over?
  • What do you tend to feel guilty for?
  • What is your “bad press”? What do people criticize you for?

So, what do you think?  What do some of your closest friends think?  What is the short list of the major treasures of your heart?

3. Poison the well of wicked treasures

  • What are the clear patterns of sin you indulge in and what is the treasuring behind those sins?
  • What are the pathways on which those sinful temptations and longings take to reach your heart?
  • Is there any reason those betraying pathways should not be poisoned (web usage, subscriptions, friendships, addictions, entertainment, etc.)?  What do your close friends think about this?
  • Are there innocent pathways that you should abstain from for a period of time to escape temptation?

4. Trimming-back overgrown treasures

  • Many treasures are good gifts (relationships, careers, shelter, exercise, food, etc.) that we have twisted into little “givers”.  We are demanding satisfaction out of them that they were never intended to provide.  We cannot and should not cut these gifts out.
  • Take time to identify how these good gifts are being used to serve false treasures in your heart and recommit your gratitude and worshipful stewardship of these gifts.
  • Study and talk with your close fellowship about realigning these gifts into their proper function, love and use in your life.

By the grace of God, we must tend to the cause and presence of the wicked and “white bread” treasures of our heart that prevent treasuring Christ.  Until we learn the patterns of our hearts, we will find ourselves constantly frustrated by our inability to deeply treasure Christ.

Next installment: Bolting yourself to the Treasure