“Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life,”
-John 6:68 (ESV)

I am a Christian national, not a National christian. Christ is King and His kingdom is my true home. Until I arrive there, I sojourn in a land that I love.

The sweet invitation of Jesus is an opportunity to understand, know and love Him.  It is our chance to sit at His feet—to be quiet and listen to the Author of life and Ruler of all things.  As the Creator, the Son speaks with wisdom older than the Sun.  He is crystal clear on the topics of priority and purpose.  He is absolute in truth and value.

He is the speaker.  We are the listeners.

As the temperature of danger, politics, religion and uncertainty rise around us, we must remember that we need to listen freshly to Christ.  We need to hear of the truest and most vital of priorities.  We need to understand His heart, mission and ethic.

Jesus is very interested in candidates, guns, Muslims, and babies. In fact, He is the expert on all of these.  He speaks clearly about many of these issues, while He simply gives principles about the others.  And when we have searched the Scriptures to find all that He has said about these, we are then blessed to be inhabited with the Spirit of God Himself, who will lead us and guide us if we truly ask and listen.

It is an honor and blessing to have Christ instruct us on all these topics.  We learn and we forget over time.  Meanwhile, He instructs us over the span of our lifetime as we dwell in the pages of His Word.

Christian, will you take the areas of your greatest fears AND greatest passionate opinions and place them with joy before the feet of Christ? Will you say, “Teach me afresh, Lord”?  Will you resist the temptation to fixate, fret, spew, overeat, sleep, medicate and pontificate?

Will you subject every thought to Christ–and in wisdom, before His people–before you click “Post”? Will prayer precede and permeate your tweet? Will what you “Share” promote love for God, care for His blood-bought bride and concern for your neighbor’s good? Do wisdom and kindness show up on your “Status Update”?

Are you committed to having every area of life informed and directed by Jesus?  Anything short of that is National christianity.  And ultimately, National christians don’t live with Jesus.

How sweet and freeing it is to listen to Jesus.  Peter was right.  He has the words of life!