I live in the south side of Columbus and have repeatedly encountered a chronic condition since I moved to town 5 years ago. Some of its symptoms are confusion, dejection, listlessness and endless distraction.

It’s a condition called MUJAC (Making Up Junk About Christ).

MUJAC is the condition where a person upon hearing a few elements and sayings of Jesus, goes on to think they really have a grasp on Jesus and his message.  Unfortunately, much of it equates to junk and tends to really hurt and confuse the person.  Never is the saying more appropriate ” they know just enough to be dangerous”.

In the place of precious, rock solid promises of God, his love and forgiveness, we are often caught up in our own views, philosophies, conspiracies and hunches about life, love and God.

Why point out MUJAC?  For two reasons.
1. There may be a reason our Christian friends say crazy things.  We should be careful about downplaying or assuming people’s understanding and commitment to the Scriptures.  Why are we “sure they already have read that”?
2. What about us?  What do we really know?  Are we unquestionably committed to allowing Scripture to shape our thoughts about Jesus and life?  Are we desperate to go back to Christ’s Word to stay fresh and clear on how He describes Himself and His promises?

So, how does one avoid MUJAC?  It is surprisingly simple.

One of the first principles of God is: “be quiet and listen to Jesus”.  Seriously. The Father was pretty clear about this with Peter. “This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him” (Mark 9:7). This is absolutely central to following Jesus.

We need to put off prematurely theorizing about stuff.  Honestly, who cares what “I think”.  But praise God, He has now told us what He thinks.  And we want our minds to work and think like His.  That is our hope, to be brought out of darkened understanding into the light of Christ.  And this does not happen overnight.  And it most certainly does not happen by just hearing a few things about Jesus and supposedly becoming an expert on His opinions.

Fundamental to our core problem is foolishness.  He has offered us freedom from this.  Let Him free us from the binding of foolishness, fallacies and lies.

For us as disciples of Jesus… like our older brother Job, let us put our hands on our mouth, stop speaking, theorizing and read what He has thoroughly spoken about.  Lets ask the Spirit to give us sharp listening and true understanding.  Let’s be sure that we help other disciples do the same as we introduce them to Christ.

MUJAC deceives and grieves our hearts by constructing a fantasy Jesus of our own preferences and assumptions. Fantasy Jesus’s don’t save or love.

This has been a public service announcement. Fight the spread of MUJAC by reading and encouraging the reading of what God says about himself in the Scriptures.