Sunday Worship Warmup 8.8.15

by Scott Burns

Lets get ready to uniquely enter His presence tomorrow as families of believers.  May we suggest taking 15 minutes tonight to reflect, write down and pray through these three? In case you need them, there are suggestions listed. 1 Remember: Take a few minutes to remember how God has provided for your needs over the […]

Sunday Worship Warmup 8.1.15

by Scott Burns

Tomorrow morning, millions of God’s children will band together to enter our Father’s presence in the Name of Christ and sing, pray, tell, give, serve and listen to the Treasure of the universe.  Most will not show up to a service with joy and praise filling our hearts, rather, rather we hope that God jumpstarts our hearts somewhere between […]

All MC Hangout Night! Wednesday, Feb 25 (corrected address!)

by Scott Burns

It’s an all-church hang out!  This Wednesday form 6-8, all of our Missional Communities will be getting together for fun, snacks and hanging out in place of the regular weekly gatherings.  Bring you best games (board, card, cornhole, smashcan, etc). We do these quarterly all-MC gatherings in order to get to know people from the different MC’s […]

Scouring for our Filler Treasures

by Scott Burns

In our last post, we pointed out the tragic reality of our day-to-day disconnect from spiritual reality. The issue is, that while Christ himself claims to be all-satisfying and calls us to feast upon, drink from, and delight ourselves in Him, we often show up to the feast with our bellies so full of the “white […]

The Treasure Battle

by Scott Burns

God is the Treasure—or at least, He should be. He is the one who satisfies, which is what Jesus is pointing to when He cries out to the thirsty crowd in John 7:37, “If anyone thirst, let him come to me and drink.” He is the one who, like buried treasure uncovered, or matchless jewel […]

Warming up for Sunday Service Feb1, 2015

by Scott Burns

What a ride Philippians has been to my soul over the past months, and we only have a couple Sunday’s left in it!  Here are the words of God that we will be learning and worshiping with on this Sunday. Consider these questions as you chew this over leading into Sunday 1. What are the marks […]

“Pray Like This”…. Learning to pray along the Lord’s Prayer

by Scott Burns

What does it look like to pray along the Lord’s Prayer?  It means to pray in the relationship, fashion and topics Christ gave us.  The following would be some suggestions to help you pray “like this” in your daily prayer life. From Matthew 6:9-13.  Our 3 sermons on this can be heard here (pt 1, […]

Take Your Eyes Off the Road

by Ken

A few weeks ago, Beth and I were able to go visit close friends in the mountains of North Carolina.  Seriously…their cabin was snuggled in right next to the foot of Mt. Mitchell and right beside a beautiful mountain creek.  There were some sights to be seen.  I left on Sunday morning to go on […]

7 Ways Christians Jack Their Witness at Work

by Scott Burns

  1. Pushing junk that is not Jesus We use up our “voice” on other issues (politics, health, theories, rants, multilevel marketing, bigfoot) 2. Desalinizing of Christ We are less reliable, less holy, less loyal and less excellent than the Christless 3. Withholding prayer We don’t do the first and best thing we can do […]