Sermons by Ken Flower

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When God Saves Your Enemy


Jonah finally goes to Ninevah, happy to announce their destruction. After all, they deserved it. But God loved to give people something they didn’t deserve … after all, he had given Jonah life. God shows Jonah that Salvation belongs to the LORD. Jonah 3. Message by. Ken Flower

The Gifts of Work and Rest


Is work a necessary evil to put food on the table or an identity-defining endeavor? God cares about our work and Psalm 127 reveals a picture of God’s design for our working lives. Message by. Ken Flower

Elect Exiles: 1 Peter 1:1-5


God’s people don’t call the earth home anymore.  We are exiles who are loved and protected by our great King who has sent us the book of 1 Peter to know how to thrive in a land in which we sojourn.