We are left on earth to be Christ’s disciples who make disciples.  That is the mission.

The following are various resources that we would suggest to aid you in being and helping other become disciples.  We suggest moving quickly through these resources with a small group of people

Our “dream” is that  people at Cross City would purchase these resources as groups, and use paper to take notes, questions, and do study… and give the study materials into our Cross City “Loanbrary”, where others can borrow them free of charge to make disciples.  The Loanbrary location is TBD.  It would be helpful to document your general thoughts on these resources so others can better select the resources they will use.

Cross City Common Resources

Gospel in 6 Training Worksheet

The Glimpse Study: A 20 day intro study to the the teachings and heart of Christ

CrossView: Kids heart training tool and catechism

Gospel Living Resources

Gospel Exploration or Beginnings Resources

Bible Book Studies

Deeper Studies

Gospel in 6 Resources